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Posted by on Feb 4, 2013 in 3 Stars, Reviews, Vancouver | 0 comments

Transylvania Flavour Review

Transylvania Flavour Review


Transylvania Flavour serves up family-style European cuisine at the corner of Broadway and Arbutus.

Dining experience:

Mr. H and I visited on a Friday night with our Groupon in hand. The place was busy but we were warmly greeted and brought to our seats quickly. The food came at a good pace and service was really friendly all night except for a gentle “reminder” to tip based on the full bill rather than the discounted bill when the bill was brought over, which was a rather unromantic move, but all well.


W Transylvania Flavour 02


Perogies ($12) – 2.5/5
“Five tender perogies, filled with yam, Fruilano & Gouda cheese, drizzled with sour cream & roasted red pepper sauce, topped with crispy bacon and spring onions”

The perogies were large and beautifully presented. The yam filling was fluffy and slightly sweet which helped balance out the heaviness of the rest of the dish. However, we found the dough chewy to the point where it got tiring to eat. Mr. H wondered if they were reheated because he said one of them was slightly cold on the inside. That would explain the chewiness of the dough.

W Transylvania Flavour 03

Lamb Shank Ossobuco

Lamb Shank Ossobuco ($23.95) – 3/5
“Tender braised lamb shank, with wild mushroom wine sauce, topped with caramelized onions, served with zucchini-tomato sauté & mashed potatoes”

The lamb was very tender and there was no need to use a knife at any point. I would’ve preferred the lamb to be more flavourful so as to be the star of the dish. That said, I really enjoyed the sides of sweet caramelized onions and the zucchini and tomatoes that were perfectly sautéed with what seems to be balsamic vinegar dressing or glaze. Both were lovely complements to the lamb.

W Transylvania Flavour 04

Transylvanian Sausages (Mititei)

Transylvanian Sausages (Mititei) (17.95) – 3.5/5
“Handmade skinless sausages, served with paprika dusted fresh cut fries & Caesar salad”

With this entrée, you get 4 sausages. It is also available as an appetizer for $12, where you get essentially the same dish, only that there are 3 sausages instead of 4 and no salad.

Mititei is traditional Romanian sausages made from a mixture of ground beef, lamb, pork and spices served with mustard. They come skinless and according to one source on Wikipedia, it was invented because a famous sausage maker ran out of sausage casings one time. I’ve never had Mititei before so I really don’t have anything to compare it to but the texture is surprisingly soft and rather like meatloaf, or Chinese meatballs from dim sum, only with 10 times the flavour and depth. I could pick up a slight bitter taste from it (some from the charring but some from inside the sausage) which added complexity to the dish and was not at all unpleasant. It was a very rich and long-lasting flavour which can be overwhelming on the palate so the salad and mustard were certainly refreshing and welcomed.

Last and certainly not least, their fries were fantastic! They came fresh and perfectly crispy, with a soft center. The fries were dusted with paprika which made them flavorful even after they’ve cooled off. We loved them and we are hard to please when it comes to fries!

W Transylvania Flavour 05

Milk Chocolates

We were given milk chocolates at the end of the meal, a treat compared to the usual hard candies at other places.

Ambiance: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Food: 3/5
Overall: 3/5

Transylvania Flavour on Urbanspoon

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