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Posted by on Feb 11, 2013 in 1 Star, 4 Stars, Others, Reviews | 0 comments

Fol Epi and Caffe Fantastico Review

Fol Epi and Caffe Fantastico Review

Fol Epi is a well-known bakery in Victoria, providing bread for a lot of restaurants in town. It lives under the same room as Caffe Fantastico.

Dining Experience:

W Fol Epi-7

Fol Epi and Caffe Fantastico are slightly away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown core and situated in what looks more like an industrial building with its all-grey exterior. But once you get closer, you will see a lovely patio area. Step inside and you’ll find two sides, Caffee Fantastico on the right and Fol Epi on the left. The interior of Fol Epi has a rustic feel to it, with bread lining again its brick walls. Caffe Fantastico is less decorated but you can still enjoy the same lovely patio.

We visited on a Saturday afternoon and it was busy as expected. There’s little seating inside so if you come at a busy time, you can expect to be enjoying your food on their patio.

Food at Fol Epi:

W Fol Epi-2


W Fol Epi-3


Croissant – 4/5

Their croissant is flaky and buttery, very good!

W Fol Epi-1

Smoked Tuna Sandwich

Smoked Tuna Sandwich ($8) – 4.5/5

That day, I walked away from the till with a big smile because I got the last smoked tuna sandwich. Their smoked tuna is intensely flavorful and the texture of the tuna was soft, smooth and luscious. It was combined with lettuce, mayo and thin cucumber slices that made it really refreshing and gave a good crunch. The French baguette that held all the goodness was crusty, chewy and perfectly made.

W Fol Epi-4

Canalé de Bordeaux

W Fol Epi-5

Canalé de Bordeaux

Canalé de Bordeaux ($2) – 2.5/5

I have to confess, this is the first canelé I’ve ever eaten so I have nothing to compare to and the rating could be off.

According to what I’ve read, a canelé should have a rather hard, caramelized exterior that is perfectly dark on the outside without any burnt or light patches. This was absolutely spot on at Fol Epi. Second, a canelé’s centre should be custardy and creamy. Here is what I’m unsure about, Fol Epi’s canelé has a custardy centre but the texture was more like an overcooked custard, it was tougher than I expected and not the smooth and creamy type I was imagining. Later on, I did some more reading and it sounds like canelé should be enjoyed after it is warmed up so perhaps that’s the reason why it wasn’t at its best?

In terms of flavour, its hard to go wrong with egg, sugar, rum and vanilla. I like that it wasn’t overly sweet and had lots of lovely vanilla bean specks right on top.

Food at Caffe Fantastico:
Coffee (Guatemala Finca Jauja) ($2) – 1/5
This is a single-origin medium-dark coffee, it was way too acidic for my liking. I couldn’t finish it.

All in all, my experience today was pleasant. Fol Epi has some really great offerings and I wouldn’t hesitate coming back to try some more from their bakery. I might just order a tea instead of coffee to go with my pastries though.

Fol Epi
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: n/a
Food: 4/5
Overall: 4/5
Fol Epi on Urbanspoon

Caffe Fantastico
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: n/a
Food: 1/5
Overall: 1/5
Caffe Fantastico - Dockside Green on Urbanspoon

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