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Posted by on Feb 18, 2013 in 4 Stars, Others, Reviews | 0 comments

Parsonage Cafe (Fernwood Coffee Company) Review

Parsonage Cafe (Fernwood Coffee Company) Review

W Fernwood Coffee Company-5

W Fernwood Coffee Company-3
Before you diss the heart on this latte as being too far on the right, having shaky lines…etc, hear me out. Yes, it’s not perfect, not even close to it, but it was my first ever successful latte art pour! Me…who’s only made blobs and various imagination-required shapes before, yes that me.

W Fernwood Coffee Company-9

W Fernwood Coffee Company-1

This review is a little different than my usual because its about the one-on-one latte art training at Parsonage Cafe (Ferwood Coffee).

Brette, my instructor for the hour, is not only sweet and fun to hang out with, but she’s a two time national finalist in the Canadian Barista Championship and head coach for Fernwood Coffee the year they won the Canadians. She also judged the last Championship!

I had been trying to do latte art for a couple years now but just couldn’t get the hang of it. I tried looking for cafes in Vancouver that would teach me but couldn’t find any. Then, while I was researching on places to check out for our Victoria trip, I came across Fernwood Coffee Company. The place is known for their great coffee and they do different kinds of coffee training. So that was that, I knew I had to go.

W Fernwood Coffee Company-4

more hearts

W Fernwood Coffee Company-6

this is…um…an onion?

W Fernwood Coffee Company-11

W Fernwood Coffee Company-8

Tulip by Brette

W Fernwood Coffee Company-10

my last pour of the night, a rosetta…or an apple?

That day, Brette taught me how to do hearts, tulips and rosettas in the hour we had. I hadn’t perfected it all in the hour of course (I was too busy spilling milk over the counter, well-textured milk, I might add) but it really was a breakthrough for me and I enjoyed every single minute of it.

W Fernwood Coffee Company-2

Latte by Brette

Latte ($4) – 4/5

In terms of taste? We drank the first latte Brette made as a sample for me and it was perfectly creamy and delicious.

All in all, if you are interested in learning latte art, you will not regret taking a lesson with Fernwood Coffee Company. I didn’t visit the cafe during its operating hours and didn’t try enough items to give a comprehensive rating but if I do visit Victoria again, I’ll be sure to drop by again!

Parsonage Cafe on Urbanspoon

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